SG Jakov Knez Hof

SG, BH, IGP1, KKL, HD/ED:normal/normal, DNA:Gepr

Born: June/10/2022

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5x SG1 Iris von der Alexander

BH, IPO1 HD "a" ,ED"a", DM clear

Show Critique and Results

Show Critique from the 2019 Mid East Regional Show –  SV judge Herr Frank Goldlust: ” Winner of course is catalog number 48.   Big dog with good proportions, and a very good type.  Very well pigmented.   Very good head, with a very dark mask.   He’s high in the whither.  Firm back.   Good length of croup. Good angulation in the front, very good in the back side.  Good chest development.  Correct front.  Correct coming and going.   Hes very well trained and made a good job.  Walked very well in the slow motion and also in the fast round he made a super job.   Congratulation, SG and I say SG plus”

2018 GSDCA Universal Sieger Show – VP1 (9-12 months)
2018 GSDCA Sieger Show – SG2 (12-18 months)
2019 GSDCA Universal Sieger Show – SG1 (18-24 months)
SG1 at 2 other club shows

Born: July/28/2017

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SG25 BSZS Rockey vom Suentelstein

IGP2, HD "a" ,ED"a", DNA:Gepr.

Born: May/01/2020

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